We hope you will enjoy Yardian as much as we do!

There are five tabs at the bottom of Yardian App – Home, Control, Yard, Program, and Video. These tabs serve as shortcuts to the functions you need.






Review all the information about your Yardian

Yardain App

In this tab, you’ll be able to access your Yardian device settings, and receive the latest information regarding your watering schedule, Yardian notifications, and more. Yardian receives and updates your 7-day watering schedules every day to guarantee uninterrupted service when it is temporarily offline.

Instantly water your yard - anytime, anywhere

Here, you have total control of your zones.  Select the zone and choose the duration, and you can start watering your yard immediately.

Yardain App

Profile your yard

Yardain App

This is where you input your plants, sprinkler heads, soil type, slope, and exposure information into the App. The Yardian App can automatically detect your connected zones and enable them.

Smart watering schedules and manual schedules

In this tab, you can set the type of watering schedule you want. You can choose between a “Smart Program” or set one yourself manually.

Yardain App

With “Smart Program”, you do not need to program Yardian manually. Once you have specified your zone profiles, Yardian can be up and running immediately. Smart Program covers all zones by default and calculates automatic watering schedules based on your zone profiles, weather data, watering restrictions, and your preferences for each zone.

Of course, you have the power to create your own manual water schedules by adding a new program. You can also enable “Seasonal Adjustment” in the manual program to help manage water schedules. There is no need to adjust the duration manually every month.

Yardain App

Live video streaming and more

(Video feature is only available for selected models)

Yardain App

Here, you can view live video streaming via your Yardian camera. You can also set up your motion detection preference to get the most out of the video function.

The Yardian app provides you free access to iOS 9.0+, Android™ 5.0 Lollipop®+, and Web versions. You have complete freedom and control to water your property where ever you are located…home, office or while on vacation.